About Voacanga Seeds

Voacanga Africana is an evergreen shrub or tree growing from 1 – 11 metres tall and branching from low down.

The various species of the Voacanga genus are evergreen trees. The stem is erect and branching; the leaves are broadly oval and up to 30 cm long. The berries contain several brown seed which are irregularly shaped, and grow in a cluster that sometimes can resemble a brain. The various species of the genus are very similar to one another, featuring yellow or white flowers with five united petals. The bark contains latex.

The tree has a long history of traditional medicinal use in Africa, where it also supplies food and a range of commodities. Various parts of the plant are exported to pharmaceutical companies in Europe, America etc as a source of medicinal compounds. The plant is sometimes grown as an ornamental, being valued for its sweet-scented flowers.


When the fruit is ripe, with a characteristic brown color, it can be cut directly from the ground without waiting for fall. After collecting the fruit bush, you need to be transported to where it can be left to mature.


Pharmaceutical companies in Europe extract tabersonine from the seeds, which is readily converted into vincamine, a compound widely used in medicines for geriatric patients.

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