About Kola Nut

The kola nut is a bitter-sweet caffeine-containing nut of the cola tree. It is considered an important cashcrop for many West African Countries. Ghana is rated as a major producer of kola nuts. Golden Mainland has taken advantage of its geographical location to form a good network with kola farmers across Ghana’s agro climatic zone. We also have super agents in surrounding countries to augment the supply of Kola nuts when necessary. The nut’s aroma is sweet and rose-like. Kola nuts comprise about 2- 4% caffeine. The nuts also contains kolanin and theobromine all having stimulation abilities.

It is chewed in most West African countries, individually or in a group setting. It is often used ceremonially, presented to chiefs or guests

Kola nuts are used in Europe as a flavoring ingredient and a source of caffeine for flavored beverages.

Production of kola nuts in Ghana has improved as result of efforts of Government and companies like Seed’s Pride helping farmers to adapt modern farming methods. The network of farmers and kola agents means we have the capacity to supply fresh quality kola to all parts of the world.



Boosts Metabolism

One of the unique effects of the kola nut, largely due to its caffeine content, is its ability to stimulate the body and increase heart rate. While this can potentially be dangerous for people who suffer from pre-existing heart conditions, it can provide a necessary metabolic boost for those with a slow metabolism.

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