About Griffonia Seeds

Griffonia simplicifolia is an evergreen, hard-wooded shrub or large climbing plant with short strong woody tendrils. It can grow to about 3 metres tall.

A multipurpose plant with a wide range of medicinal uses, some minor edible uses and various miscellaneous uses. It is commonly harvested from the wild for the local community. The seeds are a commercial source of 5-HTP, a serotonin precursor widely used in the treatment of depression and other conditions.

The seeds of the Griffonia simplicifolia are known to contain the herbal compound 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP). Griffonia seeds contain up to 20% 5-HTP by weight.

In the body, 5-HTP is an important building block used to synthesize Serotonin. As one of the key neurotransmitters for controlling mood and sleep, increasing levels of Serotonin may alleviate anxious thoughts, promote feelings of well-being, and improve sleep.


Because of its relationship to Serotonin, some people use Griffonia seed extract for anxiety. It is used as a natural mood enhancer, and has been observed to promote feelings of well-being, relaxation, confidence, and tranquility.

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